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  • Thank you for visiting Pet Café Chiri Kira Room! Open since November 22nd, 2011, we are located near Fujisaki Station on the Kukou (Airport) Line of Fukuoka subway.

    We sell handmade goods, and you are more than welcome to bring your own pet! When you feel tired after a long day, want to take your pet out for the day, or love pets but can’t own one, please come relax with us and the animals! Yoroshiku!

Lazuli, Junior Manekineko
Lazuli is our newest cat! He is a Scottish fold and was born on March 16th, 2015. His nicknames are “Nyacch,” and “Nyaison!” Even though he is just a baby, he eats so much that he is already the biggest cat! He loves food and is a greedy kitty! “If you show me a snack, I’ll quickly eat it all and won’t share with the other pets! You’ve been warned!
Chiriri, Store owner
Our owner is the toy (?) poodle, Chiriri! He was born on June 21st, 2008. His trademarks are his dinosaur Mohican haircut and changing his fur color. His body is big, but he has a small, gentle heart. He LOVES meeting girls the most, but no matter what, you will quickly make a connection with Chiriri!

Kirari, Store Manager
Our manager is manekineko (lucky cat) Kirari! He is a tabby cat and was born on October 1st, 2010. When he was a baby, his eyes were very kirakira, which means “shiny!” That’s how he was named! His tail is a little bent, but this is a lucky symbol for cats in Japan. Since he is a manekineko, he has a secret power, so be good to him! “I love going on nighttime walks and playing with my glitter ball! If you have a snack for me, please sit down and show me your hand!”

Chiffon, Store Princess
This cat is so soft we named her Chiffon, after the chiffon cake! Chiffon is a mixed breed and was born on March 7th, 2012. Doesn’t her fur color and light stripes make her look beautiful? She’s a kind cat, but she hates kittens and anyone she thinks is cuter than her! “Please be nice to me! I’m the most popular pet at the Chiri-Kira Room! I like to exercise by sleeping on customers shoulders!”
  • Menu is subject to change. Please understand that your choice might not be available! We recommend you call and make a reservation!

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  • Location
    Fukuoka City, Sawara Ward, Takatori 2 Chome, 3-23  Take the Kukou (Airport) line to Fujisaki Station, and take Exit 4. We are about 100 meters away from Lawson! It’ll take about a minute’s walk and 150 steps; or 800 steps for a dog! When you see a big white building, that’s us! We’re on the far side of the building, with stairs next to us!

    We are very sorry, but Pet Café Chiri-Kira Room doesn’t have any parking spaces available. If you are driving, please park your car at a paid parking space.
  • Telephone and fax number: 092-841-1102
    (Chiri will be happy to see you! But what about the cats?)

  • Store hours: 12:00-10:00PM

  • We’re closed every Wednesday and the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

    Our store is a little small, but we do take reservations!


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